Fair Day Conflicts/Leaving Early

There is a conflicting event (band contest, speech contest, etc.) that I should attend on Fair Day. Is there a way I can do both?
Give us a call and we’ll see if the schedules can fit together.
I need to leave the Fair before the Awards Ceremony. Can I leave early and still win awards?
Only if you tell us beforehand that you’ll be leaving.

After the Student Meeting (at 9:00 AM) return to Student Registration and give us your name, exhibit number, reason for leaving and approximate time. You should bring your Adult Sponsor or parent with you, so we know that they know you’re planning to leave.

If during the day an emergency forces you to leave, your Adult Sponsor should report this to Student Registration or EISEF HQ as soon as possible.

With this information, we’ll know to save any awards you receive and mail them to you after the Fair.

If you leave without telling us, you will forfeit your awards — we won’t save them and mail them to you.

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