Could you shorten EISEF?

We understand that EISEF makes for a long day: those of you from Jefferson and Lee counties board your buses at 6 AM and return home at nearly 11 PM. (It’s a long day for us organizers, too!)

Some of you have asked about a shorter EISEF, with judging in the early afternoon, quickly followed by the awards ceremony. For several reasons this is impractical, or impossible:

  1. It would be a fair just for you junior students, grades 6–8. To select our Senior Champions, a second panel of judges interviews the top senior students a second time; these interviews take all afternoon. A shorter fair would have no time for this second round of senior interviews.
  2. This shortened fair would have to lose all the non-EISEF awards. Most of these awards include certificates, printed with your name and other information. It takes us all afternoon, until 7:00 PM, to print these certificates and prepare the awards for you. A shorter fair would have no time to print these certificates.
  3. Lindale Mall wouldn’t allow an afternoon-only fair. Sometimes the lines at Student Registration grow long and block the passage. We can get away with that in the morning, before 10:00 AM when the stores open. After the stores open, we mustn’t block the passages.

In any case, we already shortened the Fair — before you students were born. Until the early 1980s, EISEF was a 2-day fair, like the State Fair in Ames is now. We cut it to 1 day, partly because the teachers asked for a shorter fair.…

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