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July 1, 2006

June 15, 2006

  • We’ve set March 17, 2007 as the date for the next fair—11 years ago. Our Calendar of Events shows when things should happen between now and then.

June 7, 2006

  • We’ve added some pictures from ISEF to our photo album.

March 19, 2006

  • News from the 2006 Fair:
    • The Fair took place on Saturday, March 18, 2006—12 years ago.
    • Meet our 2006 Senior Champions:

      Congratulations to the 2006 EISEF Senior Champions Emma Pardini and Subha Subramanian!
      They represented us at the International Science and Engineering Fair in Indianapolis, Indiana May 7–13, 2006.
    • Statistics:
      • 216 students attended, with 179 exhibits.
      • They were interviewed by 128 judges.
      • They received 183 awards in all.

February 21, 2006

February 17, 2006

  • Call for Pictures. If you take pictures at the Fair, we’d like to see them—we might post them on this web site.

January 19, 2006

  • Teachers and Adult Sponsors: You asked for more guidance in filling out your students’ paperwork, now you’ve got it, on our Forms Guide.

January 18, 2006

January 3, 2006

  • News for the 2006 Fair:
    • The Fair’s date: Saturday, March 18, 2006—12 years ago.
    • Location: Lindale Mall, in Cedar Rapids.
    • Check out the When and Where page, which has schedules, maps, and directions to help you find your way on Fair Day.
    • The Lindale Mall Information page will show EISEF locations in the Mall.

December 20, 2005

  • Visit the 2006 Intel ISEF in Indianapolis web site [link is broken] to learn about the 2006 ISEF and its host city.
  • Teachers and Adult Sponsors: You asked for more guidance in filling your students’ paperwork. We found several pages of that guidance on the ISEF web site. Visit the ISEF Rules Directory to find the links to that guidance.

December 17, 2005

  • We’ve heard about a grant opportunity. The Wansink Consumer Education Foundation is offering small grants to cover the expenses of student projects relating to food and nutrition. Find out more at the Food Psychology web site.

October 22, 2005

  • We’ve kicked off our fundraising for the 2005–2006 season. Visit the For Contributors page to find out how you can help us meet our goal for this year.

August 28, 2005


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