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The most delightful and inspiring part of the science fair for students who have worked hard on science fair projects is to receive recognition for their efforts. The more recognition, the more satisfying it is for the student, and the likelier it is that he'll go on to pursue science, engineering, or other subjects of interest.

We at the Eastern Iowa Science and Engineering Fair invite organizations and private individuals to sponsor awards for our students. Sponsored Awards acknowledge students whose exhibits meet the criteria of the presenting organization. We see it as a win-win situation: the organization receives visibility for its philanthropy and its vision to encourage the next generation, and the student receives appreciation for his hard work.

Signing up to sponsor awards is a simple process.

  1. First, you'll plan your awards by making decisions about your organization and the awards you want to present.
  2. Then you'll register your organization and awards with the science fair.
  3. Finally, look at the schedule we have posted for Award Sponsors. It lists deadlines before the fair and tells you what you can expect on fair day.

Welcome aboard! (AwardSponsors)

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