Call for Photos

Send us your pictures. Are you planning to take photos at this year’s EISEF? Afterwards, pick the ones you like best and send them to us at . We’ll edit them as needed and post them to the EISEF website. We’ll leave them there permanently, so everyone can freely view them, download, and print them.

What are we looking for? Check out our Photo Albums? from the past few years, and you’ll see the sorts of photos we prize. Perennial favorites:

  • Posed pictures of the student(s) at their exhibit.
    (Try to get the exhibit number and the project title in the picture—they help identify the student(s).)
  • Candid pictures of the students talking to judges.
  • Area shots, capturing a moment among the exhibits, at registration, etc.
  • Group shots of all the students from your school.

Simply save the photographs from your digital camera in whatever format it offers. The larger the number of pixels and the lower the compression, the better the picture. Then . Don’t alter the picture—we’ll crop and resize it as needed.

In the text of your email, please describe what the photo shows and give names to the people who appear in it.

All photos you send us will become the property of the Eastern Iowa Science and Engineering Fair (EISEF). EISEF will edit and publish the photos solely at its discretion.


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