Display Rules

EISEF Exceptions to the ISEF Display Rules

On the whole, your exhibit at EISEF must comply with the ISEF display rules. If your exhibit complies with ISEF’s rules, it will comply EISEF’s.

EISEF relaxes a few of ISEF’s rules. These exceptions are listed below and are the only exceptions to ISEF display rules allowed at EISEF.

If you’re an EISEF Senior Champion and win a trip to the ISEF in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, you’ll have to ensure that your exhibit fully complies with the ISEF display rules before you go.

In any case, anything that could hurt people is prohibited. We have these rules to protect the public and the other students, not to make it hard for you to present your project to the judges.

Exceptions to “Not Allowed at Project or in Booth”

ISEF rule EISEF exception
1. living organism EISEF Junior exhibits may display plants.
4. human or animal food EISEF Junior exhibits may display food if the food is covered and not accessible to the public.
6. dried plant materials EISEF Junior exhibits may display dried plant material.
7. laboratory chemicals EISEF Junior exhibits may display water. Colored water may be used to simulate other chemicals.
14. photographs or other visual presentations depicting vertebrate animals in other-than-nominal conditions (i.e., surgical techniques, dissection necropsies or other lab techniques) At EISEF, if you need such photos to explain your project, you may include them in your project lab workbook. You must not display them to the general public. Your display may include photos or drawings of the animals under normal conditions; however such pictures must not show dissection, abuse or restraint that gives the appearance of abuse to the animal in any manner. If you win a trip to the Intel ISEF, we will have to review all such pictures with you to make sure they will pass muster at ISEF.

Exceptions to “Allowed, But With Restrictions”

ISEF rule EISEF exception
1. soil or waste samples EISEF Junior exhibits may display soil materials.

EISEF Electical Rules

  • High-voltage equipment must be shielded with a grounded metal box or cage to prevent accidental contact.
  • High-voltage wiring, switches, and metal parts must have adequate insulation and overload safety factors, and must be inaccessible to other people.
  • Electrical connections in 125-volt circuits must be soldered or made with approved connectors. Connection wires must be insulated.
  • Electrical power supplied to projects is 125 volts A.C. at 60 Hertz. Maximum wattage is 500. The grounded outlet may be up to nine feet from your exhibit—make sure you bring an extension cord long enough to reach the outlet.
  • You can use bare wire and exposed knife switches only in circuits of 12 volts or less; otherwise, we require standard enclosed switches.

Acceptable for Display & Operations (with restrictions)

After you have assembled your exhibit, the Safety & Standards Committee will examine it for items from the list of exceptions above. The Committee will decide whether you can keep the items with the exhibit, at least during judging. You’re most likely to be allowed to keep those items that are necessary to explain your experiment to the judges when they interview you. The Committee may order you to remove the items after judging has finished.

At the end of judging, you will be responsible for removing all items that were to be displayed during judging only. Specifically, you must remove or secure anything that:

  • the public might remove,
  • the public might damage,
  • might hurt the public.

Remember that “the public” includes inquisitive and grabby small children.

Display Size

Maximum size of project display at the EISEF and at the Intel ISEF:

  • 30 inches (76 centimeters) deep
  • 48 inches (122 centimeters) wide
  • 108 inches (274 centimeters) high from floor to top
    (The exhibit may stand on the floor or sit on a table.)


  • Fair-provided tables will be at most 36 inches (91 cm) high.
  • No backboards will be provided.
  • The display area will consist of a draped table. At the ISEF, the back will be curtained.


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