Logos and Pins

A brief history of EISEF’s logos

  • In 2000, EISEF adopted its first logo.
  • Each year since then, we’ve had a different logo.
  • The logo appears on promotional material, including the pins that our student exhibitors and adult volunteers receive.

Our logos to date

(Click on an image to see other sizes and styles.)

EISEF 2018 LogoA distinguished, science-y looking man, wearing a lab coat, holding a bubbling test tube. ‘Nuff said. (At least we didn’t go with the mad scientist proposal!…)
EISEF 2017 LogoEISEF is always periodic (and uses tables); this year it’s also elementary.

(Safety first: Before working with these elements, first get your Adult Sponsor’s permission, and always work in a suitable lab.)
EISEF 2016 LogoOur logo has featured the Earth (in 2014), the moon and the stars (2007). This year we decided to feature the sun.
EISEF 2015 LogoWe decided this year’s logo had to feature a life science, with a butterfly emerging from its cocoon.
EISEF 2014 LogoThis year we decided to feature geology, with an inside look at Mother Earth herself.
EISEF 2013 LogoA great example for science fair students: Benjamin Franklin, one of our nation’s Founding Fathers, conducting an experiment.
EISEF 2012 LogoWhat could be more science-fair-like than a giant strand of DNA, stretching clear across Iowa?
EISEF Timeless LogoIn 2011 we decided to create a ‘timeless’ logo — one that’s appropriate for any year. We went with a minimalist design: a map of Iowa colored like Iowa’s flag, with our name.
EISEF 2011 LogoIn 2009, wind turbines in Iowa generated 19,000 gigawatt-hours (#2 in the U.S.), 14% of the state’s electricity (#1 in the U.S.). A great engineering marvel to commemorate on our logo.
EISEF 2010 LogoIowa produces more pork than any other state, so for years we’ve thought about incorporating a pig into our logo. Our designer showed us this whimsical design, and most of us immediately fell in love with it.
EISEF 2009 LogoThe first Eastern Iowa Science Fair was in 1960. 2009 marked our 50th fair. We figured an all-gold logo was appropriate for the occasion.
EISEF 2008 LogoThe hot topic that year was biofuels, especially ethanol made from corn. What could be more topical than an ear of corn as a fuel pump?
EISEF 2007 LogoWe hadn’t done a space theme since 2001, and observing the skies with a telescope is good science. Also, this logo let us honor Iowa’s own space researcher James Van Allen, who died in August 2006.
EISEF 2006 LogoA human figure, female, dressed as a scientist, working in a laboratory—we found a lot to like about this year’s logo.
EISEF 2005 LogoWe’re the Eastern Iowa Science and Engineering Fair. This year we decided it was high time to commemorate the engineering part of our name.
EISEF 2004 LogoIn past years we had featured nuclear physics, space exploration, electronics, and biotechnology. This seemed like a good year for chemistry and laboratory experimentation.
EISEF 2003 LogoFor a couple of years, the students we sent to the International Fairs had been requesting an ear of corn on the pin. This year, we decided to oblige them. We told ourselves that it symbolized Iowa’s biotechnology and agronomy.
EISEF 2002 LogoOur designer showed us a half-dozen possible pin designs, and we instantly fell in love with this circuit-board motif.
EISEF 2001 LogoThe students we sent to Detroit said we should keep the Iowa-shaped pins, and this sounded good to us. The space-walking astronaut symbolizes space exploration; it’s also a tip of the hat to the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey.
EISEF 2000 LogoFor our first pin, we decided to go with something simple: it should be in the shape of Iowa, with our acronym, the year, and a stylized atom for science and technology. Each student we sent to the International Fair in Detroit received a bunch of them as trading material, and the pins proved a big hit.


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