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EISEF US mail addressEastern Iowa Science & Engineering Fair
PO Box 10862
Cedar Rapids, IA 52410–0862
General questions concerning EISEF
Rules and entries: EISEF Safety & Standards Committee

Phone number (leave evening number for return contact):
• (319) 399–8524 (preferred)
• (319) 431–2526 (second choice)
• (319) 365–4199 (last choice)
Student paperwork via e-mail:
How to do it.
Setting up a Scientific Review Committee (SRC) and Institutional Review Board (IRB) at your school
Science teachers need guidance
How to do a project for EISEF
Sponsoring an award: how to, logistics, judging
Judging: becoming a judge or how to judge
Volunteer to help at the EISEF
Donate money to the EISEF
Bills and reimbursements
Press releases
Website or e-mail
General questions or unsure who to contact
To contact Lindale MallWeb site:
(319) 431–4755

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