When and Where

When? Where? How?

This page attempts to answer your questions about Fair-Day logistics.

  • When and where does the Eastern Iowa Science & Engineering Fair take place?
    • On Saturday, March 17, 2018.
    • At Lindale Mall, in Cedar Rapids.
  • How do I get there? Where do I go once I reach Lindale?
    • The Lindale Mall Info page has a map to Lindale and another showing the mall’s layout, including EISEF locations.
  • When do I need to arrive? When do things happen during the Fair? When can I leave?
    • The short answers:
      • Students: You need to arrive at 8:00 AM. You should plan to stay until the Awards Ceremony ends about 8:30 PM.
      • EISEF Judges: Arrive 8:00 AM, finished by 1:00 PM.
      • Sponsored Award Judges: Arrive 9:30 AM, finished by 2:00 PM.
    • The Schedule for Fair Day gives the general schedule for the day.
    • The Student Schedule describes how the day should run from the student’s point of view.
  • Wondering whether the weather will be Fair or foul?
  • Why did you spread this information over so many pages? Why not put it all on a single web page?
  • What should I bring with me? Some basic suggestions:
    • Students
      • All the pieces of your exhibit.
      • Signed originals of all your required paperwork.
      • An extension cord, if your exhibit uses electricity.
      • A stepladder, if you need it to safely set up your tall exhibit.
      • A snack for the morning—you’ll need to stay at your exhibit for judging until 1:00 PM.
      • Money for meals, or bag lunches—you’ll be in Lindale Mall for lunch and dinner.
      • Comfortable clothes and shoes—you’ll be there all day, and you’ll be standing for most of the morning.
    • EISEF Judges
      • A pencil or pen and a clipboard—for recording your scores and comments for the students.
    • Sponsored Award Judges
      • A pencil or pen, and a clipboard—for writing up your green sheets.
      • Your award certificates, prizes, etc., if you’re presenting them and you didn’t send them to us earlier.
  • How about the days, weeks, and months before the Fair?

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