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EISEF’s Mission Statement

We are the Eastern Iowa Science and Engineering Fair (EISEF).

Our mission is to inspire eastern Iowa’s students to pursue careers in science, engineering, and math.

To accomplish our mission, every year we do the following:

  • We challenge the students in grades 6–12 to do science projects.
  • We support their parents and teachers in guiding their projects.
  • We invite them to Cedar Rapids to exhibit their projects and explain what they learned.
  • We recognize the deserving students with awards, prizes, and scholarships.
  • We send the very best students to the International Science and Engineering Fair, to exhibit their projects alongside the best students from around the world.
  • We raise funds and mobilize volunteers and resources to make all this happen.
  • We try to have fun doing it, and make it fun for everyone else.

The Challenge for 2018

The next Eastern Iowa Science & Engineering Fair will be held Saturday, March 17, 2018 at Lindale Mall in Cedar Rapids. We expect to host about 250 middle school and high school students from the eastern third of Iowa. They will be competing for 100 to 200 awards, including a trip to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to compete in the International Science & Engineering Fair (ISEF).

The 2017 Fair cost $ 16,287 to put on, 70% of which went to the students as prizes in one form or another (see chart) — and every dollar was raised through private contributions. The 2018 Fair will cost about that much — and your contribution will help us meet that cost.

To Contribute

Please join the ranks of EISEF Contributors by sending your tax-deductible donation to this address:

Eastern Iowa Science and Engineering Fair
PO Box 10862
Cedar Rapids, IA 52410–0862

All donations are tax deductible. EISEF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, federal tax ID (EIN) 46–1075519.
Letter from the IRS confirming our 501(c)(3) status.

Our books were last audited in September 2006.
Report on the audit.

For more information, send e-mail to: .

Contributor Recognition

Contribution levels

In 2006 we introduced new levels for our contributors, using the names of rivers in eastern Iowa or on Iowa’s borders:

Mississippi River Level   $1500 and over
Missouri River Level $750 to $1499
Cedar River Level $350 to $749
Iowa River Level $150 to $349
Wapsipinicon River Level up to $149

Past contributors

These lists show who helped make EISEF possible each year!

EISEF Funding Facts

  • We charge the students, teachers, or schools no fee to participate.
  • Everyone involved in running the Fair—the Fair Board, the judges, the Fair Day staff, the fundraisers—is an unpaid volunteer.
  • Where the money goes (see last year’s expenses chart):
    • Prizes for the students (travel to ISEF, prize money, and trophies etc.): 70%.
    • Putting on the Fair (Fair Day expenses and equipment, plus ISEF fees): 22%.
    • Year-long expenses (including our website and all fundraising expenses): 7%.
  • Where the money comes from (see last year’s income chart):
    • All of our funding comes from private donations.
    • 76% of it comes from local corporate sponsors.




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