Helping the Fair

Six ways you can help make this year’s EISEF better than ever!

  1. If you’re a student in grades 6 through 12, do a science project and enter it in the Fair.
  2. If you’re a parent or teacher, encourage your students to participate in the Fair.
  3. Support the science and math teachers you know, so they can help their students participate in the Fair.
  4. Sponsor an award at the Fair. Your company, society, or club can encourage students by giving prizes or scholarships to them at the Fair.
  5. Volunteer to help run the Fair. It takes hundreds of people to make the Fair happen, and every one of them is a volunteer. You can be one of us.
  6. Contribute money. It costs thousands of dollars to put on the Fair and send our senior champions to the International Fair. Your dollars will help.


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