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Award Sponsorship

EISEF's central activity is the judging of projects for EISEF awards for each of our five divisions; each year we recruit about 150 judges to handle this.

While this is going on, many other organizations—scientific, engineering, or educational—are also interviewing students to find ones who merit their own Sponsored Awards. The Sponsoring Organizations provide awards directly to individual students in the form of cash, certificates, or other non-monetary recognition. Past sponsors have included:

  • colleges and universities
  • non-profit academic and professional groups
  • companies and government agencies
  • individuals who want to inspire excellence among Eastern Iowa's students

The Award Sponsor determines the criteria for presenting the award: which students should receive the award, and what they should do to merit it. EISEF asks only that the award be based on bona fide scientific or engineering merit.

Would you or your organization like to sponsor an award at the next EISEF? If so, please visit our Award Signup page, which will walk you through the process.

The Award Schedule shows the key dates for an Award Sponsor, plus the key times on Fair Day.

You can visit the Past Award Sponsors page to see who sponsored the awards at last year's EISEF.

The Exhibit List for Awards page lists all the projects that will be at the Fair, with their titles and descriptions. You can use this to zero in on the projects best suited for your awards.

To see the awards for the past few years and who won them, visit Exhibit & Award Lists page and click on the link for the year you’re interested in.

If you have any questions, contact the Awards Committee at (AwardSponsors)

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