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Senior Champions and Junior Champions: After the EISEF Awards Ceremony, you have more work to do: getting ready to go to ISEF in Los Angeles, California.

Senior Champions: now you’re ISEF Student Finalists. EISEF will pay all the expenses for you and your Adult Sponsors to participate in ISEF. You have less than a week to make sure that all your project paperwork is in order and your exhibit meets ISEF’s rules in every respect.

Junior Champions: now you can choose to be ISEF Student Observers. You can attend ISEF, see what goes on there, and become excited about doing a science project next year. EISEF will pay your ISEF entry fees, but your parents will have to pay for your travel, meals, and lodging. You have about a week to let us know if you will be going. Your Adult Sponsor can also attend, as an Other family member.

Other family members: you can also travel with the official EISEF party to ISEF and share this exciting event with your students. You will have to pay all your own expenses, including ISEF entry fees, meals, travel, and lodging. You, too, have about a week to let us know who will be going.

Adult Sponsors: Senior Champions, we give your Adult Sponsor a free trip to ISEF as a reward for the good job they did with you. The free trip is only for your Adult Sponsor. We don’t allow you to transfer the trip to somebody else (such as your parent), even if your Adult Sponsor can’t go. The somebody else will have to go as an other family member and pay their own way.

The Timeline below lists all the major dates on the journey from EISEF to ISEF. Read it carefully: if you miss a deadline, you’ll miss out on going to ISEF!


EISEF’s fair ID with ISEF is USIA01.

Timeline of dates from EISEF 2017 to ISEF

Days after EISEFDate/DayAction or eventResponsibility
0Mar 18 (Sat)Fair Day 
5Mar 23 (Thu)All Student Finalist paperwork to EISEF Fair Director for reviewStudent Finalists
Adult Sponsors
6Mar 24 (Fri)Final Paperwork Review by EISEFSchool SRC-IRB
EISEF Safety & Standards
Fair Director
6Mar 24 (Fri)Tell EISEF who will be traveling to ISEFStudent Finalists
Adult Sponsors
Student Observers
Other family members
6Mar 24 (Fri)Notify Student Finalists of any problemsFair Director
9Mar 27 (Mon)All paperwork problems identified, fixed, and returned to Fair DirectorStudent Finalists
9Mar 27 (Mon)Register Official Party with ISEFFair Director
10Mar 28 (Tue)All materials sent to Society for Science & the PublicFair Director
12Mar 30 (Thu)First day of State Science and Technology Fair of Iowa, in Ames. 
12Mar 30 (Thu)Deadline for all materials to be received at Society for Science & the Public 
13Mar 31 (Fri)Last day of SSTFI in Ames 
30Apr 17 (Mon)Deadline for all travel deposits to be received by EISEFStudent Observers
Other family members
56May 13 (Sat)Depart for ISEF (if traveling by bus)All travelers
57May 14 (Sun)Depart for ISEF (if traveling by air)All travelers
62May 19 (Fri)Last day of ISEFAll travelers
63May 20 (Sat)Return to IowaAll travelers

Travel costs and deadlines:

  • Student Finalists and their Adult Sponsors: EISEF will pay all your expenses: travel, lodging, and ISEF fees. You must pay for your own meals.
  • Student Observers: EISEF will pay your ISEF fees. Your parents must pay us for your travel and lodging. Based on what the trip has cost in previous years, they must pay us $1250 by April 17.
  • Other family members, etc.: You must pay us for your travel, lodging, and ISEF fees. Based on what the trip has cost in previous years, you must pay us $1250 per person by April 17. You must also pay for your own meals.
  • Payment Deadline: If you must pay your travel expenses, we must receive your full payment ($1250) by April 17 to reserve your place.
  • After the trip: We will send you a refund or bill for the difference between what you paid and what the trip actually cost.

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