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The ISEF web site is a sprawling place, where it can be tough to find the page or form you're looking for. To help you out, here are links to some important or key pages, with a brief explanation of why you might want to visit them.

  • Completing a Science Fair Project. Summary rules and advice for students. This page links to pages with a short student handbook, tips from ISEF alumni, and guidance on writing your abstract and designing your display.
  • ISEF Rules and Guidelines. This page links to all of ISEF’s rules and guidance.
  • SRC 101 PowerPoint Presentation. The ISEF SRC has made available an SRC 101 PowerPoint presentation that can be a tool in giving workshops on the Rules and Guidelines. Share with your IRB and SRC members, teachers, and any others interested in an overview of the International Rules. (Note: MS PowerPoint needs to be installed on your machine to view this.)
  • Overview of Forms and Dates. This lists and describes all of the ISEF forms; it gives tips on how and when to fill them out. (The EISEF Forms Guide derives in part from this page.)
  • ISEF SRC/IRB Guidelines. Four pages of detailed instructions on how to set up and run an SRC and/or IRB at your school.
  • Intel ISEF Rules Wizard guides you in choosing which forms you need to fill out and submit for your exhibit.
  • Common Scientific Research Committee (SRC) Problems means just that: it outlines common pitfalls with projects and paperwork so you can avoid them. Here are its subsections:
    • Top Five Intel ISEF Paperwork Problems
    • Top Five Intel ISEF SRC Problems (Guaranteed to require an interview)
    • Top 10 SRC Problems from Regional SRC Reports
  • ISEF Research Category Descriptions. ISEF has 17 research categories; EISEF combines these into just two. The ISEF category descriptions contain extra detail that may help you decide what EISEF category your project belongs in.


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